Who are we?

Roleon is an elite organisation providing discreet Anti-Terrorism and Crime Training for CEO’s and Main Board members of organisations that operate in areas where they and their Companies may face a variety of risks, some known, and others not yet defined.

Our scenario based course is based on the SMaRT principle which teaches Safety Measures and Risk Training.  Our team is made up of corporate business leaders operating with both SME and Multi-National organisations alongside ex serving officers from Her Majesties Police Force with specific Personal Protection and Firearms experience gained in both Terror and Criminal situations. This combination of business executives coupled with expert fire arms and protection officers ensures that our course is both focused and relevant to the corporate world and its changing risk profile.

Our instructors have protected Prime Ministers and Royalty and have advised on Police Firearms strategy for countering the increased risks our modern world presents. Their real life operational experience provides the unique element to our training process and gives our course participants access to materials that they could not access via more conventional sources.

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Following a review with senior industry colleagues I was able to observe Pete Wheeler in a full training session covering both classroom and group scenario sessions. I was extremely impressed with, not only Pete’s subject knowledge, but also his ability to engage with a diverse and dynamic group of industry leaders.

He provided direction and challenge in just the right proportions and he handled the practical demonstrations in a way that involved the whole group and brought the classroom theory alive.

Pete delivered challenging material in a practical, thought provoking manner, and I would have no hesitation is recommending him to my industry peers.

Simon Blagden CBE

I have had the pleasure of being a participant on one of Pete’s courses and have benefited immensely from Pete’s thorough knowledge and professional delivery. He expertly demonstrated our ‘subconscious ignorance’ of what was happening around us and helped us raise our situational awareness levels to a point where we were able to identify risk early enough to be able to mitigate, or indeed, escape the threat that we were facing.

Practical demonstrations and classroom theory were expertly combined and dovetailed perfectly together so that we were able to link our scenario training in a way that I have not previously experienced.

For me, this course and Pete’s training methods are unsurpassed.

Kevin O’ Toole, Company Director and Business Development Consultant